EVX2000 Overview


*NEW* EVX2000 G4 from Edge Electronics Ltd

  • Opti-Z drive
  • More shock Energy
  • Longer battery life
  • 2 options of input to choose: 6Volts or 12 Volts*

Higher Effeciency and higher shock output Energy make the EVX2000 G4 ideal for small Electric Fence installations, producing impulses of up to 2000 Volts from a small 12V Lead Acid battery of only 2.0 AH or more. Or a 6V Lead Acid battery or a 6V Lantern battery for 6V version.
Between pulses, with a 12 V nominal supply, current consumption is less than just 0.3 milliamps. Or 6V nominal supply,
current consumption is less than just 0.2 milliamps, which leads to excellent battery life.

Ideal to help keep small animals under control and predatory birds away from areas protected by high voltage Fence Line or Tape, up to a maximum of approx. 500 Metres. Opti-Z drive is ideal for applications that require long battery life without sacrificing performance, for example where small solar panels are available to maintain rechargeable batteries.

Building on the success of the earlier low power Electric Fence Energisers, we have listened to your feedback and made several improvements, whilst ensuring power taken from the battery is an absolute minimum. 


  • LED Indicators visible from surface (connections face down) Showing Fence Line Hot and Fence Short circuit
  • More output Power and Voltage compared to earlier EVC models, Plus a further Reduction in Physical size and weight
  • Weighs just 115 grams. Fire-retardent encapsulated Epoxy resin filled case with internal overload protection
  • Tiny case size - only 35mm x 50mm x 50mm
  • Can be used with Poultry Netting
  • Compatible with rechargeable or 6V Lantern battery

Please note - This Product is Unsuitable for Horse Fences




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