EMC30X48 High Efficiency Proportional Power Controller Module 


For smooth speed and Power control where a battery or DC power supply is available.

30A continuous for most loads without heatsink.

Wide supply voltage range: 9 - 48V DC

Fully integrated on Aluminium extrusion with M3 diameter Mounts

Dimensions: 74mm x 50mmx12.5mm. Mass: 102 Grams

Picture shows physical format of Second generation EMC series product.


  • SmoothPWM Control0-100% with 0-2% rotation fully-off&98%-100% fully-on potentiomerguardwindow
  • Suitable for mostLamps, Heaters, DC Motors, and many other types of Load
  • Externalpotentiometer and pluggable terminal block connectors supplied
  • Softstarting. Ramp-up to set power in approx. 750mSec
  • Recirculatesinductive energy from the Load
  • Automaticover-current limit with fault / status LED and automatic softrestart
  • Natural air-coolingwithout heatsink with most loads up to 30A
  • Fundamental SwitchFrequency: 16.4 Khz Nominal

Please note:
This controller sinks current to the negative load return but does not actively source current.
This means that One of the two load terminals must be connected to the positive terminal of the controller, and the second load terminal must be 'free'. Controller appropriate if you have a motor or other load with two individual leads - but not if the negative return for the load is fixed to the negative feed. If you are unsure about what this means in your application, please ask us to clarify.




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